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Smash + Grab PC Review

Smash Grab anner

Urban OutFIGHTers

There have been many a movie about thugs, gangs, punks, and everything in between, but there have been rarely any video games, and even more rare are ones with strategy. Playing this puts you in the shoes of an up and coming street gang of your choosing, and you must fight and win by breaking into many different stores and killing your rival gangs in the process. With a heavy emphasis on loot and strategically getting the upgrades you need, it’s an interesting twist on a well-known motif.

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Strategy games have been around for quite a while, and a myriad of genres are represented by them, such as fantasy, war, science fiction, even ones about courtroom justice. But it’s rare to see one about everyday street thugs in a gang war who burgle, race, and craft weapons on the fly. With a map similar to LOL or DOTA, it has lanes which certain teams will make more use out of, such as your ranged team members taking shops that have guns, and your melee members taking the sports equipment store.  With three distinct phases to the timed games, every phase opens new stores that allow for more optimization of your weapons and crew, and even give some possibility of crafting very powerful weapons for yourself. You race toward the loot and try to kill everyone in the way, looking for item drops, and special upgrades waiting for the last phase where you take on an anchor store and go for broke trying to get as much money as possible before everyone else.

The art design is something to behold here, as every character is very unique and looks like they have their own backstory that you would want to hear about. The backgrounds are interesting enough to look at, but not so much that you get distracted, enhancing your immersion into this fast paced gameplay.  The level of customization allowed is fairly staggering as you can pick from nine play types yourself, then choose from many for your lieutenant, and then you have to pick what type of play your grunts will have.  This makes for a unique experience every time as you experiment with the varying ways to assemble your team.

From a cool punk aesthetic to the large amount of customization of play types, this is a very fun game and easy to recommend for those just wanting to beat people up or the hardcore strategist.  The only downsides being that a lot of the characters and costumes are locked at the start, and having to constantly click like crazy instead of having an auto attack move or something similar. So if you’re in the mood for The Warriors sequel that never was, check it out.

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