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Smart Bomb

551884asylum boy

A decade ago, an unknown aggressor held the world to ransom with a series of highly sophisticated AI bombs planted at key locations around the globe. In response, the Global Defence Network assembled an elite reaction force ? the Bomb Disposal Unit (B.D.U.) to neutralise the threat and restore order.

Led by Colonel Cage and rookie Michelle Grace, the B.D.U successfully diffuse these advanced AI networks and bombs, using a cutting edge prototype Virtual Reality (VR) system. Cage then mysteriously vanishes amid speculation that the VR system has malfunctioned. At the same time the bomb threats cease. That is, until now!

The civilised world is again under threat following the discovery of a new intricate network of bombs, displaying the same ?intelligent? detonator system found on the devices deactivated by B.D.U team just before Cage?s disappearance. Cage?s, prot?g?e Michelle Grace, having risen through the ranks of the B.D.U is now one of the top field operatives. She will be responsible for your VR system training and development. It is then up to you to put a stop to this new reign of terror.

Smart Bomb delivers a tense gameplay experience as players are faced with a series of fast paced, challenging 3D puzzles based around diffusing sophisticated AI bombs. Gamers are faced with a series of bomb modules split into tiers and each tier must be disabled to unlock the next. As a tier is disabled the player moves closer to the detonator at the core of the bomb which must be deactivated before moving onto a new challenge. Single-player action includes story, arcade and challenge modes while multiplayer mode challenges four players in a series of head-to-head gaming action.


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