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Shrine: Circus Tycoon


Fill your big top with your favorite acts. Cover the map with colorful amusements and amazing sideshows! Equip the backstage with luxury trailers and training equipment for your performers! You spend money to make money and then sit back and enjoy the show. But pay attention? The 60 performers featured in Circus Tycoon have their own ideas and personalities? You will have to manage their training and egos carefully. Do a good job and your performers will dazzle you with their best tricks while making the audience roar in approval. But if you’re not on the ball, things may get messy in the ring, and back stage. Hmm? Looks like Bobo the Monkey has lit the fuse early on the cannonball man again. Stand back!!!

* 2 Modes of gameplay

* Campaign Mode: 15 different maps all around the world

* Free Play Mode: Design and build any way you want

* Over 30 acts starring 40 individual performers, capable of over 100 different tricks

* Every performer has his or her own unique personality – keep them happy or they may not perform

* More than 30 different side shows, attractions, and rides to choose from, including many childhood favorites:
Arcade games, balloon shoots, Ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds and more…

* Player cannot only view customers playing games on the mid- way, but will be able to play the games themselves

* A truly interactive crowd experience – gauge your audiences excitement by how loudly they cheer or boo

* Design, print, and save circus posters

* Build 6 different big tops from a single ring to the 3 ring big top

* Shrine Circus license – The Shrine organization is well known for their non-profit children’s hospitals and their charity work through out the US and Canada. Shrine Circuses travel to over 200 locations per season, and over 1.7 million attended in 2003.

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