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Shows Its Age But Still Entertains


Tomb Raider Trilogy is a PS3 exclusive that contains the three latest Tomb Raider titles on one Blu-ray disc. Like other compilation discs, it is a great way to experience the series at one low price.

Trilogy is composed of three games: Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld.  Legend was the first next-gen Lara Croft title that reinvented the series with new play control, animation, and updated graphics. Anniversary is a reimagining of the original Tomb Raider title released back on PSOne and Underworld is the final game in the series which easily contains the most polish of the series.  It is recommended to play through these games in subsequent order as the improvements between each game become clear.

Coincidentally, I just finished Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood just before I started to play through these Tomb Raider titles.  Boy, have games come a long way in a short amount of time.  With that said, Lara starts to show her age even if her latest games are only about half a decade old.  Although Lara no longer controls like a tank, controlling her, the camera, and gunplay are dated to say the least.  But even though the games do not hold up as well as some other classics, each game on this compilation disc is still definitely playable and enjoyable. 

Besides having all three games in one place, there are few extras found on this disc, some good and some not so good.  The best part about each title is the Blu-ray HD upresing.  But the other extras, like the videos from the developers and XMB downloadable theme is nothing to get excited over.  If you are anticipating God Of War-like extra DVD features, you will be quite disappointed.  The other good news is that each game has its own set of Trophies and the player has the ability to return to the main menu to switch between any of the three games at will without restarting. 

Even with the HD makeover, each Tomb Raider title feels like a last gen game.  However, Lara’s latest adventures are still enjoyable despite the flaws.  If you have not experienced these Tomb Raider titles, there has never been a better opportunity and is suitable for the cheaper $40 price tag.  But if you played one or two of these games back when they were first released, you might want to hold off on running down nostalgia lane, at least until it lands in the clearance bin. 

Not As Good As: you remember it

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