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Rush for Berlin

551996asylum boy

Rush for Berlin is the latest game by Stormregion, developers of Codename: Panzers? and S.W.I.N.E?. This real-time strategy title will once more take you onto the European battlefields of the Second World War. 1944?1945: In a race for the German capital Berlin, you take command of American, British, French and Soviet Red Army forces. We are witnessing the final and complete defeat of the Third Reich and the end of the War in the European theater. As the player approaches Berlin, he is confronted with increasingly difficult challenges, with the defenders of the Fatherland becoming more numerous and desperate. In the German Campaign, you challenge the invaders in an alternate reality. What if the futuristic prototypes of German engineering had reached mass production? Once more, you can expect a strategy game of unparalleled optical opulence that will always focus on fun and intriguing gameplay. Tactical war-gaming brimming with new ideas


? The latest real-time strategy hit by the creators of Panzers: Stormregion
? Groundbreaking war-gaming thanks to innovative gameplay and fresh ideas
? Western Allies and the Red Army race each other in the Rush for Berlin ’44-’45
? In an alternate reality, the Germans counter-attack with their prototypes
? The new Gepard Engine delivers foto-realistic and sophisticated graphical opulence
? More than 100 different units, including numerous prototypes
? Storyline and graphics provide entertainment and atmosphere, mirroring the greatest war movies
? The officers (heroes) represent special units with extremely powerful individual powers
? The detailed damage model of the vehicles requires tactically sound movements
? Soldiers can occupy vehicles and buildings and fight inside houses
? Factories produce supplies, including “camouflage tanks” for misguiding the enemy’s airborne reconnaissance
? Day and night as well as the weather influence the game action
? Challenging new AI that reacts aggressively to player actions


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