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Roguelike platformer Broken Blades now available on PC, consoles later

Broken Blades 01 press material

Broken Blades, a hardcore 2D platformer with elements known from roguelike and metroidvania games, makes its debut on PC. The title is distinguished by, among others, dynamic and challenging gameplay in randomly generated dungeons and a unique sword crafting system. The release date for PC is set for September 13 this year, and in 2022 Broken Blades will also hit the Nintendo Switch.

Broken Blades was developed by two Polish companies – Golden Eggs Studio and West Wind Games, which are also the publishers of the game.

In Broken Blades, the developers combined a 2D platformer focused on single-player experience with elements known from roguelike and metroidvania games.

The player’s goal is to escape from randomly generated dungeons, which requires not only great skill and caution, but also avoiding traps and defeating demanding monsters and even more powerful bosses. Your primary weapon is the sword, and it can be assembled in any way you wish from the shards you find, which have a direct impact on its properties. The game also includes, among others, an extensive character development system.

Broken Blades draws from titles such as Rogue Legacy, Dead Cells or Skull: The Hero Slayer, but at the same time it has its own, unique character, strongly emphasised by its fairy-tale art style. It’s not an easy game it requires great dexterity, swift reactions and an analytical approach, so it’s a proposition for players who enjoy challenges. In total, Broken Blades offers from a couple to a dozen or so hours of fun, because that’s how long it usually takes to complete the game, but I’m sure that there will be many players who will be able to break records in this respect” – said Paweł Czarnecki, CEO at Golden Eggs Studio.

Broken Blades – features:

The release date for PC (Steam) is set for September 13, 2021. In 2022, Broken Blades is also set to be released on Nintendo Switch.

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