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The future of law enforcement now ready for the worlds most powerful console! Based on the hugely successful feature film from MGM this is the next generation of Robocop now on Xbox! Taking the role of the hit character Alex Murphy your mission is to uncover the sinister plot against Cybernate humanity, fomented by the evil OCP researchers. Robocop is an all out intense first person 3D action game mixing pure fast-paced gameplay with thrilling cutting edge technology bringing the whole Robocop world alive!

* 8 extensive special missions set across 8 different and varied areas including the Bronx, City Dump, Warehouse, OCP Tower and many more!

* Battle against over 30 deadly enemies with advanced artificial intelligence.

* Huge range of weapons available including the Beretta, Automatic Rifle, Cobra Cannon, Rocket Launcher and many many more.

* Absolutely stunning visual effects including, atmospheric lightning, smoke, fog & dynamic sound effects.

* Real time authentic cinematics keeping you in suspense as you carry out your investigations.

* Multi-target lock: Robocop can aim and shoot at several different targets at the same time!

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