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Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries will test your platforming skills – August Switch release

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries 1

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries is coming to Nintendo Switch on August 1st.

Featuring over 90 psychology-based levels over four worlds, Robbie Swifthand was designed to confuse and deceive players with a plethora of fatal traps that trick them right in front of their eyes! To pass each level, you run around utilizing platforming mechanics such as running, jumping, crouching and even flying with a goal to find an orb and throw it in a yellow vortex. Each world provides different obstacles to overcome, from swinging axes to electricity balls to fire spewing devices and a unique boss to defeat. The team of only three developers has refined every little detail, making this a polished and slightly masochistic platforming experience for fans of the genre.

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