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Rip Them Off is a 1950s inspired tower defense puzzler

Rip them off

From Lozange Lab, the two-person studio behind Swim Out, comes Rip Them Off, a gorgeous, tough (but fair!) 1950s-styled tower defense puzzler hybrid with satirical humour and an original jazz soundtrack, out on Xbox and Switch on March 25 but already in preorder!

In Rip Them Off, minimalism, strategy, jazzy tunes, and an eye for taking customers for all they’re worth is the name of the game. With instruction from The Board, you must line the streets with shops the masses simply can’t resist, or risk being accused of taking the side of the “dupes”. In each of the many wonderfully stylish cities, you’ll buy up empty buildings, fill them with money-grabbing retail outlets, then watch the shopping chaos as your profits soar…or plummet!

Key Features:

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