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Relive the great Godfather moments and don’t die trying!


Electronic Arts announced today the release a new game to be released on the Playstation Portable game system. Both games have now been released in North America and can be purchased from any store that sells PSP merchandise and games. In [i]Godfather: Mob Wars[/i] for the PSP players will also be able to rise in rank in the Family while sending their mob soldiers against other hostile gangs in order to ensure complete control of the city. Famous scenes in the movies will be created in game along with cameos of famous characters as Luca Brasi, Sonny Corleone, Tom Hagen and Michael Corleone. Actors from the film will lend their voices to their digital alter egos in each games.[i]Godfather: Mob Wars[/i] will market for 39.99. For more information please see and more details as they come in right here at

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