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PSN’s Burn Zombie Burn Details Released


Doublesix had revealed their latest corpse-laden masterpiece in the guise of a brand-new in-game trailer for the upcoming arcade shooter Burn Zombie Burn!, releasing on PlayStation Network on March 26th 2009.
The video showcases the three modes in the Arcade game which are available in both single player and multi-player, and uses visceral in-game footage of what players have to look forward to. Below are some useful tactics on how to succeed in each mode. Keep them handy for later use!

The purest mode in Burn Zombie Burn!where zombies can be herded far easier and where you'll score the highest. Make sure to farm for explosive upgrades as soon as possible, and get used to setting large groups of zombies on fire so as to blow them up in an orgy of high-scoring nirvana!
Score as high as possible before your time runs out. You start with five minutes, and unless you constantly restock that with time pickups worth 20 seconds each, the clock will be at zero before you know it! Setting large groups of zombies on fire and blowing them up en masse is the best way to farm time pick-ups. Just don't take your eyes off the clock!
Your gal. Score high and keep Daisy safe. Explosives have to be used more carefully in this mode, as a misplaced TNT drop could kill  her outright (what would the mother-in-law say?). Instead, aim to lure lots of zombies around Daisy and set them on fire, as long as you kill them quickly – burning zombies hurt her too. Using melee weapons, such as the bat and chainsaw, is the way to go.


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