Project: Snowblind announced

By Quinton Miles

Eidos announced the development of their new first-person action shooter [i]Project: Snowblind[/i] earlier today. The game will put players in the role of an elite super solider fighting on the front lines of a near-future war using unique weapons and gadgets.

“Project: Snowblind makes dynamic use of high tech gadgetry and futuristic weapons in combat situations,” said Crystal Dynamics producer John Chowanec. “This combined with 16 player online action, will no doubt bring a frenetic gameplay experience that gamers will want to experience. Project: Snowblind is the answer for those longing for a non-stop, action-packed ride.”

[i]Project: Snowblind[/i] is currently in development by Crystal Dynamics, and will be available for Microsoft’s Xbox and the PC this winter.

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