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Powered Geek Box October 2015 Review

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Our latest gamer/geek subscription review is from Powered Geek Box, formerly known as Power Up Box. This monthly subscription gives users the option to select between 4 to 6 nerd-worthy items starting at $16.95 to a whopping 6 to 9 premium items starting at $25.45. And to add to the excitement, each one comes with a snazzy new t-shirt. This particular subscription doesn’t provide themes, just cool new geek goodies for all to enjoy.

First, the t-shirt: Call of Duty Ghosts….New game? No. Cool Shirt? Hell yes! Sure the game is from 2013, but it’s a badass shirt that I didn’t already own.

Fall is upon us and it’s time to bundle up. What better way than with these awesome Superman Crew Socks? You can call me Clark Kent as I wear these bad boy under my suit to the office.

Next up, a Super Mario Bros wallet. This is probably one of my favorite items in this month’s box. At first glance you may think it looks like a cheaper made wallet, but it’s actually pretty durable and made of sturdy canvas material. You can one-up the guy behind you in line when you whip out this bi-fold wallet to pay for that morning latte.

Who doesn’t need a Lego head coaster for their coffee table? My only real complaint is that it doesn’t come as a set of four.

The Nintendo Dog Tags really took me back! These made me want to relive my childhood of playing Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, and Punch-Out on my original NES after school.

Lastly the Twisted Lip Pops….Not much of a candy guy, but still made me chuckle.

Overall this Month’s Powered Geek Box was a hit. Who knows, maybe it’s just the 80’s geek in me, but I’m a sucker for anything old-school Nintendo. So how could this not win my heart? My least favorite was the Lip Pops, but hey, that was also the least valued item in this box. Most subscription boxes give themes and spoilers, but I have to say, having no idea what to expect made the experience even more exciting. All-in-all I was happy with this month’s box…and yes, I’m writing this in my brand new Superman Crew Socks.

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