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Postal 2: Share the Pain


Postal 2: Share the Pain compounds the insanity of the original game by adding new levels, weapons and outrageous MULTIPLAYER MODES! The unique map designs will have you setting traps and running for cover while our SNATCH mode will have you drooling on your keyboard over the fabulous POSTAL BABES! Roast, blast and explode your friends over LAN or the Internet as the Gimp, terrorists or even TV’s Gary Coleman! Round up your friends (and enemies) and SHARE THE PAIN!

* Includes an enhanced version of the original single player game with:

* New “Weapon of Mass Destruction”

* New difficulty modes: “Insano” and “They hate me”

* New levels: “Underhub” and “Tora Bora”

* Faster load times!

* 4 Game types:
Snatch: featuring the Postal Babes! Snatch the enemy’s babe and SCORE!
Grab: 10 bags, each makes you stronger than the last! battle to get them all!
Deathmatch: Choose from 25 characters including the Gimp and Gary Coleman!
Team Deathmatch: Choose from 19 outrageous teams including Team Taliban and The Rednecks!

* 14 new levels including multiplayer enhanced variations on landmarks
from the single player game and new environments!

* In-game server browser

* Dedicated and non-dedicated server modes

* Customizeable game settings, modifiers to enhance the game types

* Next generation level editior- make your own maps!

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