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Perrin Kaplan Leaves Nintendo


Much like the John McCain presidential campaign, everyone seems to be running out of Nintendo's headquarters, arms flailing and screaming.  George Harrison, Beth Llewellyn and now, Perrin Kaplan are all no longer weapons in Nintendo's corporate office's arsenal. 

For the less-informed gamer, Harrison, Llewellyn and Kaplan were the three heads of the hydra that was Nintendo's marketing group, in no small part responsible for the success of the DS and Wii.  For the even-less-informed gamer, they're the ones who make people want to buy Nintendo stuff.  Regardless, this is a tough hit for Nintendo as, for all intents and purposes, Nintendo of America's main goal is mainly marketing, as Nintendo of Japan handles pretty much everything when it comes to games and hardware.  The coming months will tell how much of a hit this is for Nintendo. 

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