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Perfection: Gaming’s Ticking Timebomb


Though this article may deviate from the general topic of videogames, it will touch upon certain subjects that affect gaming, or anything entertainment related, even the art world. The videogame industry continues to grow exponentially, and it is now a huge part of global media. Therefore it will obviously benefit from the advantages that status affords it, as well as the ailments that derive from it. Today, it seems necessary to execute an analysis for the full reach of games and gaming: What will its future hold, and how much does it influence society? These questions, and others, have been posed concerning any new mass media or human social activity. Videogaming cannot escape them, especially as an industry with a massive economic weight.

Let’s go back to the days when videogames amounted to little more than a smiling yellow pie that ate ghosts, back to those days when videogames were a social distraction and an entertainment novelty. There was no real gaming industry at that point, videogames were a curious freak-show side-circus

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