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Pariah nabs Myst composer for soundtrack


By Quinton Miles

More details on the musical score for Digital Extremes’ [i]Pariah[/i] were given today, including the announcement that Tim Larkin will be the man composing it. Larkin is known widely across the industry for his work on the [i]Myst[/i] series of games, and has a vast amount of experience dating back his live peformances as a trumpet player working with artist such as Ella Fitzgerald, James Brown, and Mel Torme. He has also done work on other game projects such as [i]Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth, Riven,[/i], and the original [i]Prince of Persia[/i].

“For Pariah we were looking for something that would match the feeling of the storyline and characters in the game, futuristic but relatable and above all memorable,” Schmalz continued. “Tim Larkin’s talent is impressive and his music style really fit with the overarching themes in Pariah, mystery and action.”

“I was looking for a really different signature sound to set the game apart from others and it was refreshing that Digital Extremes wanted to steer clear of the stereotypical hard-action music,” said Tim Larkin, Audio Director at Cyan Worlds. “I typically look for rhythm and sounds in unusual places so my style is unique with its combination of atypical percussion mixed with traditional instruments. I’m really happy with the results for Pariah, it’s distinctive and memorable.”

[i]Pariah[/i] makes its way to stores for the Xbox and PC this spring.

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