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Organic Panic Coming to PS4 and X1 in March

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GameMill Entertainment has revealed that Organic Panic, independent developer Last Limb’s side-scrolling, physics-based puzzle-platformer, is coming soon to the PS4 and Xbox One. The single-player and cooperative and competitive multiplayer game is expected to arrive as a digital release on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store in March.

“True to a game about fighting food families, Organic Panic is the product of years of hard work alongside my brother, Damon, and we’re so excited to finally bring it to these two new communities,” said Anatole Branch, co-founder of Last Limb. “It’s got a lighthearted, old-school attitude that makes it a blast for sharing with friends and family on the couch.”

Powered by Last Limb’s DAFT (Destructible and Fluid Technology) Engine, Organic Panic is a super-kooky action game with totally destructible environments and dynamic liquids. Nearly everything in the game can be manipulated in creative ways to solve problems or overcome obstacles: earth can be smashed through, wood floats and burns, lightning conducts, ice slips and melts, water flows and douses fire, rubber bounces, acid disintegrates and more!

Organic Panic features over 200 levels of fast-paced chaos and mind-boggling challenges. There are four elementally charged heroes to swap between – Cherry, Kiwi, Carrot and Coconut – in a war against the evil technological empire of the Meats and Cheeses. The game also includes multiple game modes and ranked leaderboards – play alone, or party with up to four players in local co-op or versus multiplayer!

In addition, Organic Panic is expected to officially launch on PC this spring, following the successful end of its closed beta through Steam Early Access.

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