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Nyko Wii Wand Now in Stores


Nyko Technologies announced that the highly anticipated Wand controller for Wii is now available at retail. Designed for superior functionality, comfort, and value the newest addition to Nyko’s Wii product line maintains all the control functions Wii gamers expect with full motion-sensing capability, pointer functionality, vibration feedback, and a built-in speaker

The Wand contains Nyko’s all-new Trans-Port technology, which enables control and vibration feedback to be electrically replicated on compatible attachments, providing for faster and more accurate input response. Current attachments made for the Wii Remote can only access buttons through use of mechanical triggers and provide no vibration feedback. One of the many applications of Trans-Port technology is the pistol grip which connects to the Wand and electrically replicates key action buttons, providing controls not currently accessible with attachments for the Wii Remote. In addition, enlarged 1 and 2 buttons and ergonomic finger grooves make the Wand an exceptional choice for classic gaming when turned sideways. Nyko’s signature rubberized battery cover is also included to ensure maximum comfort and grip.

“Recognized as Best of CES 2009 in the Gaming category, the Wand offers all-new features and accessories that improve the way players experience games on Wii,” said Chris Arbogast, Director of Marketing, Nyko Technologies. “Gamers can also look forward to two new Wand-compatible accessories next month that are just the beginning of the innovative ways Trans-Port technology will be used in the future.”

The Wand is available now for a MSRP of $34.99 at, Best Buy, Fred Meyer, GameCrazy, GameStop, Hastings, Kmart, Sears,Wal-Mart and other retailers nationwide.

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