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Notable author makes guest appearance

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Electronic Arts, in a press release dated the 22nd of August, stated that the well know fantasy author R.A. Salvatore will be the keynote speaker for the [i]Dark Age of Camelot[/i] Roundtable which will be hosted in Las Vegas. The Roundtable, which will take place from September 29-30th, will allow fans of the series to participate in it's fifth year anniversary celebration. At the Roundtable will be the developers of the [i]Dark Age of Camelot[/i] and fans will also have a chance to cast their eyes upon the new [i]Dark Age of Camelot[/i] expansion that has been titled [i]Labyrinth of the Minotaur[/i]

There will also be various activities related to Camelot(fun for the whole family, don't you worry) that the conference attendees will be able to participate in. There will also be chances for attendees to talk with and win prizes from the various corporate sponsors of the event such as NVIDIA, Creative Labs, Razer USA Ltd., Crucial Technology and others. Once that is all over and done with, Salvatore himself will make a speech that will touch on his first start in writing, his experiences with gaming, and his latest book.

[i]Dark Age of Camelot[/i], by the way, is a MMORPG that is built around three individual realms that are based on Viking-era Scandacvia, ancient Ireland, and Arthurian England; which are known as Midgard, Hibernia, and Albion in that order. From these three realms, players can create characters from a variety of templates before sallying forth to engage in quests, battle terrifying monsters, and tussle with each other if there is any time left in the day. Players can also trade with each other and form guilds to help protect their own realm from whomever may be trying to take it over.

The event will be held in late September of this year at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. To see EA's original press release go here and to see more information on the Roundtable, including ticket information, please visit this site

Happy gaming, folks!


By Nick McCavitt

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