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New Quest For Oblivion


[I]The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion[/I] is about to get a little bit bigger.  An expansive new quest will soon be available, dubbed [b]Mehrunes’ Razor[/b].

[b]Mehrunes’ Razor[/b] will put players in pursuit of a rogue arch-mage attempting to recover a powerful Daedric Artifact.  The quest will feature the largest dungeon in [I]Oblivion[/I] for players to conquer.  12 new books, notes, and journals will help solve the mystery, along with 17 new magic items.  But the biggest prize may be the Mehrunes’ Razor itself – it will have the ability to kill enemies instantly.

[b]Mehrunes’ Razor[/b] will be available June 15 on Xbox Live and [a][aa]here[/a].

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