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New mysterious Title in works for LucasArts

1991asylum boy


LucasArts promised us this Wednesday that they would shake things up for us once again. They weren't going to do this on their own, They decided to team up with the England based firm Free Radical Design to construct this technological terror. Free Radical Design, by the way, is an independent game developer that has achieved fame in the US and elsewhere for their development of the [i] Timesplitters [/i] series and also the game [i] Second Sight[/i] for it's horror genre chip in. LucasArts, naturally, needs no introduction. Both firms, though, are keeping a tight lid on the details of this game but both are seemingly very pleased with this combined attempt to break into the next generation console market. To see the press release for yourself you can see it here at Freed Radical Designs's website at or LucasArts website and at Stayed tuned for more details as they come down the pipeline.


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