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Did you know that is one of the oldest and longest running game related websites on the internet? It’s true! Back in 1996, the early years of the internet, was born and focused solely on games. Shortly thereafter, our original site was rebranded to and eventually morphed into the that you see today. Although our site has seen several redesigns, we have always stayed true to our passion – video games.

The mygamer staff has always remained a small, closely knit group of writers. What is the difference? If we had to sum it up, we would probably say it is our commitment to games and our dedicated honesty. Since no MG staff writer is paid, there is no reason to not provide honest opinions in our reviews, factual statements in our news, or overall silliness in our streams. We do what we do because we want to, not because our sponsors our hounding us to promote their product. Because all MyGamer content is not covered in constant ads or other endorsements, we are free to speak our minds without fear of biting the hand that feeds. We wouldn’t have lasted 20+ years otherwise.

Do you have a passion for games? Do you know how to write quality articles? Do you understand the difference between a news, preview, and review article? Do you own every game system under the sun? Do you like submitting work in a timely fashion and receiving assignments? Are you willing to play bad games? Do you want to receive free games (often before public release), get your name out there, and be a part of our passionate family? Do you have a pimped out gaming PC? If you answered “yes” to these questions, we would like to have you join our team.

The mygamer staff is looking to bring aboard a couple of additional writers to cover news, previews, reviews and even participate in streams. If interested, send your resume and a couple different writing samples to “zackgATmygamerDOTcom” – all one word. Please put “MG Writer Position” in the subject line and let me know why you would like to write alongside the MG staff. Do you have any other attributes that stand out like owning streaming equipment or a high end gaming PC? Mentioning these details will also be handy. You also need to register in our forums by creating your own username. And if you really want to impress us, follow us on social media and join our weekly stream (usually every Wednesday evening) and say hello. No previous writing experience is necessary.

To be clear, all mygamer positions are non-paid. However you will most likely get free games to cover (could potentially send multiple games per week), often times before public release, that can include PC, console, handheld, mobile and even VR. Also, besides getting the occasional free game, writing for us is a great way to get your foot in the game industry. Previous mygamer writers have gone on to work for companies such as Blizzard, Popcap, and Activision. Having a solid PC for Steam games is highly recommended but not required. Previous writing experience not required.

If you think you have what it takes, we would like to hear from you.

-the MG Staff

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