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Three years of struggle and hard work have led up to this point. We at have finally launched the website that will propel us into the upper echelons of gaming journalism. The new site went live on Monday, August 9th but we are still in the process of transferring some of our older content to the new format. The redesigned site boasts a host of new features, in addition to providing easier access to the content that was featured on the old site.

Please take the time to read our FAQ, which addresses both changes in layout and general information regarding

What is, and what sets it apart from other websites? is a video game journalism website which offers up-to-date news, reviews, and previews of games and accessories. We also offer a broad range of information regarding the video game industry. To the casual observer may seem like other sites, but you will find that it uniquely offers all functionality, such as media downloads, exclusive articles and interviews, and other great content to every user. Everything on is free and open to the public and no paid subscription is required for any area of the site or its community. Splash screens, teaser pages, and popups, which are common on other sites, will not impede your browsing here at

What are the advantages to creating a account?

Though the creation of a free account is not vital to take advantage of the content that offers, doing so will open up new doors and give you access to the community features of the site. In addition to access into the community features, registering will allow you to submit your own fan content such as screenshots, cheats, hints, and even your own reviews. Another benefit of registration is receiving a webspace profile that will appear as “” where you can log all your info and contact information for other users to see.

As of now we are still trying very hard to integrate all of our old content into the new site, so that we may offer excellent archival functionality as well as stunning new content. There is no definite finish time for the completion of this long and tedious task, but we will be working constantly until it is done, while still supplying all the new content visitors wish to see. We strongly encourage you to register your free full-access account today at and check back frequently as we take the final steps towards completion.

For’s first official reader contest since the re-launch, we would like to offer you a chance to carry away your very own copy of the hottest new game on the PC market! To enter, register with, then sit back, enjoy all the new features, and relax. On Sept. 15th, we will draw one lucky community member to receive a copy of the gut-wrenching game that garnered a 9.2 out of 10 from this very site, Doom 3! Make sure you include the appropriate info when registering. Only complete registrations will be qualified for the final drawing, so make sure you fill out all required fields.

Pay close attention in the future for more contests, which will be both bigger and better! In the meantime, thanks for your support, and remember

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