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MS Links now iClub compatible


Microsoft has teamed up with iClub, a motion-capture and presentation products company, to make their Links golf title compaible with the iClub(TM) Video Game Control Software. While not cheap (the iClub itself has an MSRP of $599.99 and the software is $99.99), the technology allowers players to use all of their own clubs — from drivers to putters — and their own swing to play Links by themselves or even online.

“iClub is introducing an entirely new, fun approach to playing golf video games. Golfers can now play Microsoft Links while working on their golf swings at any time of year. Whether it is snowing in New England or raining in Florida, golfers can relax by playing a round of golf virtually in their living room, garage, or gym,” said Satayan Mahajan, iClub CEO.

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