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Mr. Prepper now available on PS4/5

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Starting 3-24-22, Mr. Prepper will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Mr. Prepper is a survival game with crafting and adventure elements, in which a player builds a fallout shelter and fights for his life in face of a nuclear apocalypse. The game had been already released on PC and Xbox consoles, where it was met with warm reception. Mr. Prepper will make his way to Nintendo Switch in the following months.

Mr. Prepper was developed by Polish studio Rejected Games. Last year it was released on PC and Xbox consoles. On Steam it has been rated positively by 84% of users (based on nearly 3 thousand reviews).

Ultimate Games S.A is responsible for publishing Mr. Prepper on PlayStation 4. Due to backward compatibility, the title is also available on PlayStation 5.

Rejected Games’ product is a survival game, enhanced by crafting and adventure elements. Among other things, the title stands out thanks to its unique building system. Mr. Prepper offers a side-view perspective, stylish graphics, and a dystopian setting.

Mr. Prepper – main features:

-survival game with crafting and adventure elements;
-building an underground shelter;
-dystopian setting and unique plot;
-trade, exploration, and rocket building;
-20-30 hours

Mr. Prepper is slated to premiere on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 24th, 2022. In the following months, the game will be released on Nintendo Switch.

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