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Moon Chronicles Lands May 15th on 3DS eShop

moon chronicles art

Renegade Kid just confirmed Thursday May 15th for the launch of Moon Chronicles, a re-mastering of the original Moon on DS. The original Moon pushed the DS hardware to the limits and was an impressive 3D FPS on the FPS starved handheld.

Here is a trailer:

Moon Chronicles will be spread through four episodes and this first episode will retail for $8.99. This 60 frames per second FPS is exclusive to the 3DS and incorporates touch screen controls.

Join Major Kane on a mysterious mission to Earth’s moon to investigate a unique hatch of unknown origin. With each new episode you are brought one step closer to understanding the secrets that lie beneath the surface of the moon.

 Experience the first true first-person shooter on Nintendo 3DS.
 Immerse yourself in the gripping story-driven episodic action adventure.
 Equip a variety of guns, including powerful alien weaponry.
 Utilize Remote Access Droid (RAD) to navigate tunnels and unlock secret pathways.
 Explore the moon’s surface with the LOLA-RR10 buggy, armed with a plasma turret.
 Choose from a wide selection of control schemes, including Circle Pad Pro support.

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