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Minecraft: Story Mode Preview

Minecraft Story Mode by Telltale Games and Mojang

It has been confirmed that Minecraft is finally receiving a story mode, titled “The Order of the Stone”. There have been many updates on the game since it was first revealed, and it appears that The Order of the Stone will cater to older children.

A True Narrative-Driven Adventure Comes to Minecraft

Minecraft is mainly popular because it gives us a virtual playground with infinite possibilities, which can be seen by doing a quick search for Minecraft in YouTube. Between the mods, the huge mansions, real-life building remakes and adventures that fans created, you will understand what I mean when I say infinite possibilities.

Minecraft: Story Mode is bringing us a narrated adventure and bringing in new characters. Yes, you will be faced with a quest to save the world! The main character in Story Mode is Jesse, who is featured in the official trailer. In the trailer, Jesse learns how to craft a sword, which is something that Minecraft fans know all about.

Voiced by comedian Patton Oswalt, we know Jesse is not alone on his quest to save the block world from evil. Jesse and his friends are on a mission to find the four individuals, known as the legendary Order of the Stone, as they once defeated the Ender Dragon. The Order consists of the best Architect, Warrior, Redstone Engineer and Greifer in the world, and Jesse hopes to save the world with their help.

“As Jesse, players will steer their own path through a tale of adventure and survival; all brought to life by an all-star cast. Through Telltale’s choice-based gameplay and a story spanning from the Nether to the Farlands, the End, and beyond, we can’t wait for fans to experience this new take on the beloved world of Minecraft.” – Kevin Bruner, CEO & co-founder of Telltale Games.

So, it’s going to be a strictly single-player adventure game that will feature point-and-click gameplay. Telltale’s previous titles did an excellent job at point-and-click adventures, such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

Kevin Bruner, CEO and co-founder of Telltale Games.

Voice Actors Featured in Story Mode

Story Mode has voice acting talent from well-known folks, such as Billy West from Futurama, Corey Feldman from The Goonies, and Paul Reubens, who you might know as Pee-wee Herman himself. It’s not often that games get such a talented voice acting crew, but their roles in Story Mode are crucial as fans are expecting a top-quality narrative in Story Mode.

List of Voice Actors:

These are the only voice actors known at this moment, hopefully we will get more information as the release date gets closer.

Minecraft: Story Mode is a Standalone Adventure Game

No, it’s not Minecraft 2, nor is it an official story for Minecraft’s Steve. Story Mode is an entirely new title based on the block world we all love. Telltale Games has an excellent reputation when it comes to releasing adventures episodically, and they have collaborated with Mojang to give us a completely new and official Minecraft experience. The narrative-driven video game will be entirely different than any modded adventure you’ve played!

The Order of the Stone For Older Kids?

The original Minecraft game was given an E for ages 10 and up by ESRB, and a 7+ by PEGI. PEGI has already given Story Mode a rating of 12+, so their opinion on this game is that’s clearly for slightly older children. From what I understand, the main difference between Story Mode and the original Minecraft title, is the “Mild bad language” that the upcoming game will have. It isn’t clear how mild the language will be, but they’re likely using alternatives to more harsh words that kids shouldn’t be saying or hearing in a video game.

Minecraft: Story Mode Release Information

Don’t expect a complete game, but the first episode of Story Mode will get a 2015 release on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. No reason to feel left out, as basically every device (except Nintendo consoles) will get a Story Mode release, although it isn’t clear if they will all get the game at the same time.

If you played The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, or Tales from the Borderlands then you will be familiar with an episodic release. Telltale Games collaborated with Gearbox for those titles, just as they are now collaborating with Mojang for their new block adventure title. It’s disappointing for the hardcore Minecraft fans who want to learn more about the world and the main character, Steve. However, it should be a fun and interesting experience based in the world which we all spent hours building in.

Official Story Mode Trailer

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