So many games and movies have cliché setups, and while the setting of a post-apocalyptic world sounds like more of the same, there a twist. What if little woodland critters ruled the ruined world? You will find out in BIOMUTANT when you control a warrior critter of the far future that has irradiated the world […]

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Warshmallows (PC) Review

The whole world is quite well versed in platform fighting games, and with Nintendo putting out quality games with such high polish, it’s hard to stand out. Since quality can’t be beat, that means idea and gameplay mechanics that are new and fresh have to be your bread and butter which is where Warshmallows can […]

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Nanotale – Typing Chronicles (PC) Review

Standing out in the video game market is a tall order. You can be very good at what you do, only to have your work compared to many others with little difference. One way to be different is to use a different control scheme for your adventure. Some use silly controls like “I am Bread”, […]

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Good Night, Knight (PC) Early Access Review

Top-down RPG’s hold a special place in many hearts. They symbolize a time long past in which things were simpler and remind us of when we were young. From Zelda to Chrono Trigger there are so many examples of quality games with compelling stories and interesting gameplay. RedEmber now wants to crystallize that feeling and […]

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The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia (PC) Review with stream

There are so many types of games in the world, in no small part due to the fact that there are so many different types of people in the world. The term “there’s something for everyone” really does apply, from the hardcore FPS gamer to the casual gamer matching colors in a mobile game. With […]

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