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Lower Price for Xbox 360 HD DVD Player


Written By: Travis Johnson


Microsoft has recently announced at Comic-Con International 2007, that the price of the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player will be lowered from the $199 suggested retail price to $179, effective August 1, 2007.  Customers that purchase the HD DVD player between Aug. 1 and Sept. 30 will also be eligible to receive five free HD DVD movies.

To further hype the Xbox 360 HD DVD player Microsoft will promote the HD DVD versions of [i]300[/i] and [i]Heroes: Season 1[/i] by way of exclusive content via Xbox LIVE Marketplace.  A recent press release has stated "Xbox LIVE will offer [i]300[/i] on demand in HD starting Aug. 14, and is working with Warner Bros. at Comic-Con on a Bringing It Home campaign featuring [i]300[/i] and other Warner Bros. properties.  In advance of the street date for the [i]Heroes: Season 1[/i] HD DVD boxed set, Xbox LIVE members will be able to download for free the show’s pilot episode in high definition for a limited time.  Members will also be able to download trailers, teaser scenes and other promotional materials highlighting the [i]Heroes: Season 1[/i] boxed set on HD DVD."

The press release also spoke of the free HD DVD offer.  "Microsoft is extending Toshiba’s highly successful 'Perfect Offer' of five free HD DVD discs to Xbox 360 consumers.  Previously exclusive to Toshiba HD DVD Players, with the purchase of an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player at the new low price of $179, consumers can choose five HD DVD titles for free from a selection of 15 popular titles through a mail-in offer.  With a retail value of over $140, this promotion makes the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player one of the most compelling offerings for consumers looking to make the leap into HD this holiday season."

It is interesting to note that news of the price drop for the Xbox 360 HD DVD player comes right on the heels of the story from The Hollywood Reporter that Microsoft will cut the price of the Xbox 360 system by $50.  It is still a bit murky as to which packages (Core, Premium, and Elite) will receive the price drop if the story proves to be true.  It will be fascinating to see how these price reductions and offers affect sales for Microsoft this holiday season.

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