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Leisure Suit Larry to Mobile Phones


Earlier today, Vivendi Games Mobile announced that everyone’s favorite swinger Larry Laffer will be making a return to gaming, this time on mobile phones.  Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail was actually a PC game released in ’96 and it follows Larry’s seemingly endless search for love on a cruise ship. 

President of Vivendi Games Mobile, Paul Maglione, stated, “Larry fans worldwide have a strong allegiance to the classic Leisure Suit Larry adventure game format, and we are delighted to be doing just that with the mobile version.  We have kept the iconic Larry humor and attitude intact while adapting the graphics, language and controls for a mass-market, global audience. We're excited to bring back the franchise as a regular feature of Vivendi Games Mobile's annual title line-up.”


Larry is set to start on the prowling Europe in June and North America in September.  Stay with MyGamer for all the details as we get them.


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