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Leapster – Sonic X Review


If you have ever played a classic 2D Sonic game, you will know the basis of Sonic X for the Leapster.  Because this title uses classic Sonic gameplay, kids are sure to enjoy this title.

The player controls Sonic in an adventure to save his friends from the evil Dr. Eggman.  Just like in his other gaming adventures, Sonic moves in a 2D side-scrolling fashion.  The D-Pad controls Sonic’s movement while the “A” button will make him jump. 

The goal of each stage is to solve some type of math problem.  This game will teach users how to count, add, subtract, and put things in proper numerical order.  While in stage, the player will be asked a simple question such as “What comes after 3?” or “How many rings are there?”  Sonic must then find the right number and touch it to solve the problem and advance in the stage.  Even if the wrong answer is chosen, Sonic will kindly ask to try again.  There is no way to “die” or lose health in this game, a great way to keep young gamers entertained and happy.

Each level looks exactly like a Sonic game.  I can’t get over the fact that I am playing a full blown Sonic title, but just with number problems in between all the ring collecting.  The animation, the easy to traverse level design, and the voice work make this game all the more pleasurable.  It should also be noted that the main speaking voice in the game is the same voice actor as Ash from the Pokemon cartoon series. 

After each stage, the player will need to solve a stylus problem before entering the next level.  The game will ask some type of simple number problem and the player must drag or touch the correct answer on screen.  Again, when you get a problem wrong, the game does not penalize the user in any way. 

All the game’s progress will be automatically saved to one of three save slots, so multiple users can create their own individual file without overriding others. Before a major change in gameplay, a tutorial will walk the user through the basics on how to play.

Because Sonic is a well known video game figure, younger games will feel like they are playing a more grown-up game.  Using Sonic is a great vessel between teaching and entertainment.  Sonic works well as a Leapster game because he has already established a strong reputation with video games. 

While I have not played a wide variety of Leapster games, I can probably safely say that Sonic X is a must have for the system.  It uses the same Sonic gameplay that fans have grown to love over the years, just with a few math problems thrown in the mix.  If I was young again, I am almost positive I would enjoy playing this game.  Male and female gamers can both enjoy this platforming math solver.  Check it out. 

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