Lara’s guns recognized for charity

San Francisco, CA (May 03, 2006) — Eidos Interactive, one of the world’s
leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced
gaming legend Lara Croft has been chosen to be the spokesmodel for the Skin
Cancer Awareness Foundation of Minden, Nevada. Lara’s image will be used to
educate and place skin cancer awareness information in the hands of teens
across the country via the Sun Smart Teen Program beginning in November of
2006. Dr. Ann F. Haas M.D., Dermatology will act as advisor and consultant for
the program.
"The goal of the Sun Smart Teen Program is to bring education and awareness of
the dangers of the sun and skin cancer to the youth. Skin cancer is the fastest
growing cancer in the world and the most preventable. Melanoma is being
diagnosed in the young populations, no longer just in the older adults. What
better role model than someone who the youth can relate to, and Lara Croft is
that individual. She personifies the benefits of having a healthy body. The
youth today are our future tomorrow." said William H. Barth, President/CEO of
the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation.
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Lara Croft is a billion-dollar brand and pop culture icon transcending well
beyond her Tomb Raider video game franchise. She is the inspiration behind
music videos, comic books, amusement park attractions and endorsements for
products, ranging from hot pants to energy drinks. Lara’s selection as
spokesmodel for the Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation adds an entire new
dimension to the Tomb Raider brand.
"We are delighted that Lara has been selected to help bring awareness to teen
sun care education," said Bill Gardner, President and CEO of Eidos Interactive
North America. "Lara is the epitome of a positive role model for teens: she’s
extremely health–conscious, physically fit, independent, ecologically
concerned, and intelligent. Lara fights strongly for her beliefs, and we are
pleased she can do her part in supporting the cause."
The Lara Legacy:
Lara is arguably the first, and certainly the most recognizable game crossover
star. In the ten years since the world first met adventuress Lara Croft, she
has become a pop culture Lara icon extending well beyond her Tomb Raider video
game franchise. In addition to being the face that sold more than 28 million
game units sold to date, she’s been lauded in Entertainment Weekly’s "It"
issue of 100 most creative entertainment elite, Time Magazine’s most
influential figures of the 20th century and as the only virtual celebrity
figure featured in Details’ Sexiest Women of the Year. With two movie
spin-offs and 200+ magazine covers, the digital diva was honored with a star at
the Walk of Game in San Francisco, California in March 2006. And most recently,
Lara was awarded the Guinness World Record as the ‘Most Successful Human
Videogame Heroine.’

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