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Konami Takes To the Skies

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Konami, announced Birds of Steel is taking flight to give fans the most realistic WWII air-combat experience for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Developed by Gaijin Entertainment, Birds of Steel spans many of the most important air battles of the war, including the battles of Midway, Guadalcanal, Coral Sea, Siege of Malta and the attack on Pearl Harbor, letting players experience unique immersive combat flight in both single campaigns and multiplayer game play.

“For far too long, first person shooter fans have been tied to the foot soldier point of view, with the rare ability to experience realistic flight simulations or combat situations,” said Shinji Hirano, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “Birds of Steel pushes the throttle of realism by giving fans what they’ve been missing; cooperative online game play, life-like VFX and game dynamics, and a campaign that spans that encompasses some of history’s most memorable aerial battles!”

In Birds of Steel’s unique online features, players can support cooperative missions with friends, or take-off in the versus arena with up to 16 other pilots to see who really owns the skies. Pilots can participate in team death matches, cooperative strike campaigns, “Capture the Airfield” missions or even tournament play (requires Xbox Live). Players can also claim bragging rights among friends by viewing and sharing replays of their battles!

Birds of Steel lets players take to the skies in over 100 famous fighters from the entire axis and allied forces, including the Spitfire, P-51D Mustang, Zero and even the Messerschmitt 109. Participating in missions as a pilot in the American or Japanese Navy, Army or Air Forces, players experience lifelike aircraft damage, cockpit views and flight controls. As players complete missions, new planes are unlocked, with the ability to use the aircraft in the multiplayer arena. Players also have the ability to see how their actions affect the entire theatre of battery operations, as ground troops and artillery batteries react to the ensuing air battles and squadron missions.

Key Features:

? 20 historical and lots of fictional missions, spanning 15 world-famous campaigns (including DLC)
? Over 100 famous aircraft
? Dynamic Online Campaign
? Realistic flight environments, weather conditions, time-of-day changes
? Enhanced flight controls
? Monthly dogfight tournaments and arena game play
? Ability to create, edit and share videos of game play

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