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Konami Celebrates Two Important MGS B-Days


Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. invites all players to join the birthday festivities honoring two of the METAL GEAR series' most beloved icons – the loveable duck GA-KO and the famous frog KEROTAN.

As part of METAL GEAR ONLINE, the ultimate tactical shooter based on the popular METAL GEAR SOLID franchise, Konami will be holding a series of 24-hour online survival events beginning March 27th. Participants who log onto the special games during the events can earn RWD points and bonus content for the game including an un-lockable Ghillie Suit in the corresponding character's color – be it GA-KO yellow or KEROTAN green – and 1500 RWD points. Players who participate in both events will be rewarded with an additional 1500 RWD points and a Felt Hat in the character's color. The schedule of events will be as follows:

Event #1: March 27th at 10am PDT through March 28th at 9:59am PDT

Event #2: April 24th at 10am PDT through April 25th at 9:59am PDT

Event #1: May 22nd at 10am PDT through May 23rd at 9:59am PDT

Event #2: June 26th at 10am PDT through June 27th at 9:59am PDT

METAL GEAR ONLINEis the online multi-player player experience that is included free in the retail version of METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS, developed exclusively for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. Additionally, three expansion packs – GENE, MEME and SCENE- are available for purchase via METAL GEAR ONLINE'Sin-game shop
and Konami's shop

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