Kingston microSD Reader+Card Bundle Review

Many new gadgets these days require some type of memory card.  The next step in memory card technology are microSD cards.  Smaller than your pinky nail, these memory cards are becoming more and more common, especially in cell phones.  Until now, there really hasn’t been a convenient way to transfer data from these mini cards to your computer. 


Kingston, makers of high quality data management and storage products, has developed a new product: a microSD USB Reader.  For $37 bucks, you get a 2GB microSD card, a USB 2.0 reader (red casing), and a housing case with strap.  There is also a 1GB version which costs $19 and comes in black casing.


Using this product is simple.  Just pop in your microSD card into the slot on the USB reader then plug the USB end into your computer.  Within seconds the user is ready to transfer.


The USB reader can hide within a casing that gives the device added protection.  Attached to the casing is a thin strap that can be connected to other products (necklace, key chain, cell phone, etc).  Overall, the device is extremely small, well suited to reflect the smallness of the microSD card itself. 


Transfer speeds are pretty dang fast, just as you would except from any other USB 2.0 device. 


This device works way better than any other microSD to SD adapter.  With the small size and the reliability of USB, this Kingston product gets a thumbs up.  Plus, the price is very reasonable.  Be sure to check out this product and all other Kingston products at


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