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Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death


Welcome to Mega-City One, a city of over 400 million people – every one of them a potential criminal. It is the third decade of the 22nd Century, unemployment is widespread, boredom is universal and only the Judges can prevent total anarchy.

* 11 chapters of the first-person law-bringing! Be the judge, jury, and executioner of Mega-City One’s scum!

* Use a horde of weaponry like the lawgiver – equip it with incendiary bullets, armor piercers, stun gas grenades, ricochet rounds and more.

* Over 50 unique characters; face zombies, undead judges, wraiths, crooks and demons as you blast your way to justice.

* Intense Multiplayer action with 1-4 players battling head-to-head in a dozen maps.

* 16 different multiplayer modes let you frag your friends, and enemies, in so many different ways.

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