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It’s Getting All Quagmire On Us


You read that right…slugs…at war.  Nature is brutal and we get a glimpse into this amazing world via the Slug Wars iPhone game.  This way you can explore the horror of slug warfare without getting your hands all slimy.  As the round begins, you have 3 lanes of battle with the other side launching slugs with numerous varieties and abilities at each other.  Some have cannons, some are sneaky like ninjas, and some have giant seltzer water nuclear exploders.  Yup.

Like I said…slug warfare is hardcore.  These guys play for keeps.  Your goal is to get 3 of your slugs across to the other side of the screen.  It can be harder than it sounds.  Each slug has its own cost and you pay your tab by throttling other slugs and slugging across flowers that pop up on the screen.  The strategy involves correctly pitching slugs to overtake the opponent and neutralize their assault.  That’s why it’s helpful to have butterfly air bombers.  Nobody suspects the butterfly.

While initially skeptical I did find this game slightly more addicting than expected.  That said, I still found it very easy.  I’m currently on Level 63 and see no added difficulty.  I use the same basic strategy and so does the computer opponent.  Maybe I’m a natural slug general…

It’s a dollar.  Do you really have that much to lose?  Give a slug a chance…to die.

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