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Iron Phoenix


Iron Phoenix is the first-ever game to combine team oriented strategy with exhilarating sword, spear and staff-based combat. A first in the genre, Iron Phoenix delivers thrilling 16-player battle via Xbox Live and System Link, along with an enthralling story-based single player component. With gameplay and storyline straight out of a classic martial arts epic, Iron Phoenix creates an unmatched fighting experience that includes roof-top chases, wall-walking and classic fighting-game combos. The gameplay and storyline are straight out of a classic martial arts epic, with characters motion captured from world-class martial artists to give the game an authentic look and feel.

* Combines strategic teamplay with melee combat, offering new multiplayer modes and games traditionally found in online shooters.

* Includes an exciting single-player mission mode.

* More than 10 playable characters, with movements motion-captured from worldclass martial artists.

* 9 unique weapons, each with a large variety of combos and special attacks.

* Unparalleled fighting variety, with moves and attacks unique to each weapon and the ability to string together team-based combos.

* Massive environments, with beautiful wide-open combat arenas, giant caverns and entire villages serving as your battleground.


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