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Interested In Voice Acting? Check Out This DVD.


Bang Zoom!T Entertainment, a leading full-service audio post production company and producer of original entertainment content, announced today the DVD release of Adventures in Voice Acting, Volume One.  This awe-inspiring DVD,the first in a three volume series, spotlights the business of voice acting and how to break into the industry. Premiering at the upcoming Anime ExpoR 2008 in Los Angeles, the DVD will be available exclusively at this event.

The Adventures in Voice Acting DVD is an episodic view into the world of voice artistry.  Aspiring voice actors and enthusiasts interested in voice acting receive advice and perspective from pros such as Tom Kenny (SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS), Michelle Rodriguez (HALO 2), Lance Henricksen (MASS EFFECT), Wendee Lee, Steve Blum and many more.   Never before documented, professional voice actors share their personal stories, struggles, successes and practical tips on what it takes to make it in this competitive business.

 "Video games and anime represent a growing area with a massive need for voice actors. There are more opportunities and platforms in which to work for talented, hard-working voice actors who are able to bring diverse artistic styles to the table," said Eric P. Sherman, CEO of Bang Zoom!T Entertainment.  "We created this DVD as a learning tool for aspiring voice actors to gain an edge and to learn from some of the most accomplished people in the industry

As part of a series, Adventures in Voice Acting focuses on voice for anime, video games, and original animation.  Each volume is broken down into 5 episodes, collectively grouping a handful of topics related to a similar theme. Included in Volume One:

.         Process and Techniques While In The Booth
.         Audition Preparation Tools
.         Finding Your Way into the World of Voice Acting
.         What to Expect on the First Day in the Studio
.         Advice from the Pros

Adventures in Voice Acting is a must-have for anyone who is thinking of entering or currently in the field of voice acting for anime, video games and original animation.

Available: July 3, 2008 at Anime ExpoR 2008
Run Time: 131 minutes plus 30 minutes of extra features

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