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Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile


Children of the Nile is the next generation of city-building game, where, as Pharaoh, you lead the people of ancient Egypt, uniting them as you elevate your status, striving to become a supreme and god-like ruler. You design and build glorious cities in which hundreds of seemingly real people live and work in an interconnected societal web, each facet of their lives played out in vivid detail.

* First historic city building game featuring an immersive 3D graphics engine

* Revolutionary interface designed for intuitive and immediate usability across all audiences

* Behavioral technology based on human nature delivers a compelling experience with hours of replay value

* Dynamic societal simulation where government and natural resource management are vital to the success of your civilization

* Erect breathtaking monuments to commemorate your achievements and build your legacy

* Explore and combat neighboring provinces or expand through diplomacy and trade

* Powerful, customizable Campaign and Map Editors.


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