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Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition


“The Inquisition is unleashed. They have no mercy. And you are one of them! The fall of the Theocrat was a day of rejoicing throughout the Heretic Kingdoms. With his brutal regime overthrown, everyone looked forward to an era of peace and prosperity. They were wrong. Now, as the forces of the Inquisition annihilate the last remnants of religion, a shadowy cult attempts to resurrect a dead god. A lone Inquisitor is charged with the destruction of the sword known as the Godslayer ? but will the temptation to seize power for herself be too hard to resist?

* Over 100 Attunements for Ultimate Character Customization: Change your character’s magic and abilities to prepare for each quest ? or develop your own character classes.

* Narrative-driven Adventure in an Amoral World: Your choices have consequences ? move beyond mere good and evil as you progress through a compelling, original story

* Unique Game Mechanics: Never seen before game mechanics for healing and combat create fluid, engaging gameplay.

* Enter the Dreamworld: Utilise a parallel world to take advantage of your foes’ weaknesses, or seek and destroy spirits of the dead to gain power.”


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