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Haze: Free Radical steps out of the fog

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The guys who brought us GoldenEye and TimeSlpitters are back! Earlier this year the England based team debuted their concept for a new game that takes place in the middle of a war, 20 years in the future.

So far the visuals are promising. The game demo takes place in a jungle, much like Far-Cry and almost similar to the jungles of Halo 2. There hasn't been much development in regards to the story yet, but AI seems like a focus. Enemies will flank, run for cover, group up and generally pay attention to the players movements.

Interesting to note is Free Radical's attempt at implementing moral issues into the game. Players will be faced with decisions that may involve them killing innocents or destroying villages. This deviation from the run and gun style of a typical shooter is a welcome addition to the game and should provide a very intense experience.

Haze is aiming for a 2007 release on the Xbox 360 as well as a PC and PS2 release.



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