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Halo: The Movie


A few days ago, Microsoft sent out several messengers. These messengers were to do one task: deliver the Halo movie script to receptionists…dressed as Master Chief. That’s right, a Halo movie.

According to Variety, Microsoft wants production of the movie to start by January, around or after Sony’s PS3 launch. This led many to think that this is one way that Microsoft will hurt PS3 sales.

Also according to Variety, Microsoft wants a $10,000,000 (that’s million folks) advance against 15% of Halo’s movie gross takings.
Microsoft also wants this movie to be exactly like the game, which means nothing new.

Well, today, it was announced that Seamus Blackley did a deal on Wednesday that involved Fox and Universal offering Microsoft $5 million against 10% of the movie gross. The agreement meant Universal would publish the Halo movie domestically and Fox will distribute in foreign countries.

Though Microsoft is unsure about this offer, Universal and Fox has ensured one thing: Halo will come to theaters by at least 2007.

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