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Halo Book Debuts at #3


Halo: Contact Harvest has become a New York Times Bestseller within the first week of sales. The novel, which went on sale nation wide on Tuesday, October 30th, also debuted on USA Today Bestseller List at #23 in the Thursday, November 8 edition. The new novel is the second of the New York Times bestselling series based on the hugely successful Microsoft and Bungie Studios' Halo video games for the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system.

Halo: Contact Harvest is written by Joseph Staten, Bungie Studios' lead writer and one of the original creators of the Halo game trilogy. The book marks Joseph Staten's first foray into novel writing, but he has served as a writer and cinematics director for Halo (2001) and Halo 2 (2004) and the record-breaking Halo 3.

In Halo: Contact Harvest, Staten reveals the state of the Halo universe leading up to humanity's devastating first contact with the Covenant —a chance encounter that catapulted mankind into a struggle for its very existence. Readers will experience the start of the Human-Covenant war from the perspective of Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, Master Chief's legendary confidant and mentor.   As readers follow the young Sergeant's adventures, they will gain terrifying insights into both the Covenant's genocidal fury and the vicious civil war that threatened to destroy humanity's fledgling interstellar empire, even before the Covenant got their chance.

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