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Half-Life 2 Goes Gold For Xbox


[i]Half-Life 2[/i], the blockbuster FPS game which was released on the PC almost a year ago has now gone gold for Microsoft?s Xbox.

Early trailers show the critically acclaimed [i]Half-Life 2[/i] looking extremely good for an Xbox game thanks to Valve Software?s Source engine. The engine allows for truly effective and impressive facial animations, real time physics and realistic game environments.

As game production for the Xbox winds down in the face of the upcoming Xbox 360, [i]Half-Life 2[/i] will be one of the aging platform?s last major PC game port. [i]Half-Life 2[/i] on the Xbox will be very similar to its PC counterpart, sans some graphical power. In addition, there are reports that some of the game?s larger areas may be slimmed down. Expect all the puzzle solving, action, adventure, and excitement from the PC version to be translated over.

[i]Half-Life 2[/i] will be released on November 15th, with an ESRB rating of M for mature.

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