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Grapple-vania Rusted Moss coming to Steam soon

Rusted Moss

PLAYISM announced that Rusted Moss will soon release on Steam. Rusted Moss is an action-packed Metroidvania inspired by folktales and desolate landscapes.

Fern is a changeling set out on a mysterious mission while Fae invades the human realm. Players will use an intuitive grappling hook to fly across a hostile land while gunning down mechanical monstrosities.

Journey across desolate landscapes drenched in melancholy; witness the remnants of humanity and their rusting iron inventions… Humanity is on the brink of collapse and will soon be invaded by faeries. In a desperate bid to survive, humans have empowered their own witches with stolen fae magic. But all is not lost, as the humans were deceived – for one of their own is not what she seems. The fae has stolen a human baby, and replaced it with something else… Raised by unsuspecting human parents, Fern is a changeling whose true loyalties have emerged. Alongside a mysterious shadow named Puck, she sets off on a journey to return fae to the world and end the Age of Men. Whose side will you choose – human or fae?

“We initially planned to release Rusted Moss in February, but we decided to delay release to allow more time for the developers to polish and perfect the game. We apologize to all of you who were waiting for the release, but it is coming very soon and we’re confident that the extra time taken will give you an even more amazing experience with this ‘Grapplevania’. Please look forward to further announcements!” said Shunji Mizutani, Executive Producer for PLAYISM.

Features in Rusted Moss:

-Creative platforming focusing on a grappling hook (No classic double jump!)
-Fast-paced bullet-hell inspired boss fights
-Unique Trinkets!
-Trinkets are Fae blessings that give your character special abilities.
-Customize your playstyle!
-Beautiful desolate environment to explore

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