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Grab your Axe – Guitar Hero is Wii bound.


Guitar Hero, one of the biggest sleeper hits in recent memory is about to get even bigger — and then smaller again, that is if one is to believe Activison Publishing president and CEO Mike Griffith, who recently hinted towards versions of the mega-popular air-guitar sim for Nintendo's Wii and DS systems.

The announcement was made very discreetly by Griffith during a chat with company investors this week. While outlining his company's plans for the fiscal year 2008, Griffith pledged his support for Nintendo's two main consoles.

"…We'll double our offerings on DS and the Wii," said Griffith, "including Spiderman, Shrek, Transformers, and Guitar Hero."

Though no further details are known about the Wii or DS Guitar Heroes, we can expect to see them hit stores before March 2008, when the fiscal year ends. Stay tuned to MyGamer for more information as it happens.

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