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Gas Station Simulator now available on Steam

Gas Station Simulator

Indie game developer and simulation specialist DRAGO Entertainment announced the highly anticipated release of Gas Station Simulator coming to PC via STEAM on September 15th, courtesy of indie-specialist games publisher, MovieGames.

Gas Station Simulator is a comprehensive and advanced simulation game challenging you to manage an abandoned gas station in the middle of the North American desert! From humble beginnings you must renovate, expand, and run daily operations and find ways to attract new customers to make a living. You are tasked with cleaning, fixing, painting, decorating, and repairing equipment, and when funds are earned, you can upgrade to new tools and equipment, further expanding your operations. Your customers are many and varied and you must treat each with courtesy and respect to gain a positive reputation.   

Gas Station Simulator will entertain you with its many customization options, a wealth of activities and mini games to keep you busy! A key feature is the games emergent gameplay, stemming from high interactivity combined with a variety of random encounters. Your success will depend on your skills as a small business owner and your ability to deal with growth as your humble gas station becomes a full-fledged service station. 


Gas Station Simulator is available via STEAM.

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