Gangland combines the RTS, RPG and SIM genres into a new breed of gaming mayhem. Born into the Sicilian Mafia, players must work their way up within the family and compete with other gangsters and mafia factions from all over the world for supremacy in Paradise City. Players will be able to bribe, steal, set up extortion rackets, kill, bootleg, seduce, blow up buildings, put out contracts, get married and have children, build speak-easies, ally with international connections and much more?all in a constantly changing environment. Get ready for high-paced crime action like you`ve never seen before!

* GANGLAND offers a unique blend of RTT/RPG/SIM

* Experience a living city with 800+ citizens per map

* Interact with 500+ npc’s with individual behavior

* Make your own family from 20+ unique characters

* Build a business empire on lots of illegal activities

* Visit 26 different map locations in Paradise City

* Solve 26 conquests and challenges

* Make use of a vast array of weapons and gadgets

* Use the environment in thrilling action-driven combat

* Use subversive gameplay tactics to trap your opponents

* Get surprised by the non-linear event-driven plot

* Compete with other players to get on the highscore lists

* Up to 8 players on LAN/Internet

* Supports DirectX and OpenGL

* Full 3D with free camera rotation and zoom

* Supports all screen resolutions from 800×600 and up

* Highly scalable with customizable level of detail

* Excellent AI pushes the player to his limits.

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